In 1983, Nancy Moynihan purchased a Liquor Store in Baldwinsville, New York. She renamed it “Butterfly Liquors”, from a movie she enjoyed in 1972 starring Goldie Hawn, “Butterfly’s are Free”. Over the next 25 years she built her business based on good Customer Service, Knowledge and Integrity. Nancy had no prior retail experience in the Liquor and Wine business. Her father owned a shoe store in Johnstown, New York and I am sure she based her business on what she had learned from her father. The business was her  “second home” as we used to say. She put in long hours each day and worked every day except Sunday. She knew  the story behind every wine and liquor on her shelves. She became very knowledgeable about the products she sold. She passed that knowledge to family members and employees throughout the years.  

     One of our employees Jean, who has been quite an asset, throughout the years and has been there from the beginning. She has recently retired. The year 2004 was another milestone in which we outgrew the original space and moved to a larger space. In 2005 Nancy suffered a major stroke and her daughter Linda (working there at the time) had to take her place. Linda incorporated the business and brought the business into the computer era, with Nancy’s approval of course. We have had our ups and downs and struggles as every business does. Archie ( the “Hat” guy and Linda’s husband) has contributed for many years.

     Today the business continues to thrive with the involvement of Nancy’s grandchildren, Amanda and Joshua. The original basis still stands with a more modern approach to this ever changing business. We are always tuned in to our customers suggestions and request. Our customers are what makes our business successful and we are very grateful and respectful of each and every one.  We at “Butterfly Liquors” will always try to make your visit an informative, warm and friendly experience.